Today is the type of day I like to remember in July, when it’s 100+ degrees.cold-thermometer

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue
Wrap your presents to your darling from youhomeless-jesus1
Pretty pencils to write I love you
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue


Crowded street, busy feet, hustle by him
Downtown shoppers, Christmas is nigh
There he sits all alone on the sidewalk
Hoping that you won’t pass him by

Should you stop? Better not, much too busy
You’re in a hurry, my how time does fly
In the distance the ringing of laughter
And in the midst of the laughter he cries

(Willie Nelson and Roy Orbison)


Have no fear for what tomorrow may bring, the same loving God who cares for you today will peace-dovestake care of you tomorrow and every day.  He will either shield you from suffering or give you unfailing strength to bear it.  Be at peace, then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.  – St. Francis de Sales