Who art thou, that thou shouldst be afraid of a mortal man?
Today he is, and tomorrow he appears no more.


Fear God, and thou shalt have no need of being afraid of man.

(Thomas a Kempis)


The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.


They must be felt with the heart. 
(Helen Keller)

Love is an excellent thing, a great good indeed, which alone maketh light all that is burdened and makes all that which is bitter sweet and savory.
love jesus
The love of Jesus is noble and generous; it spurs us on to do great things and excites us to desire always that which is most perfect.
(Thomas á Kempis)

Come Holy SpiritTrue strength is not found in being stubborn or arrogant.
It is found in allowing the Holy Spirit to dwell in one’s heart
so that one might be open to the Spirit’s promptings.
It is that Spirit Who frees us from our selfishness,
for the Spirit reminds us that God is supposed to be
the center of who we are and what we do.
(Rev. Jude Winkler, OFM)