Holy Thursday

For all [the Twelve’s] unworthiness, they need not feel that before the tribunal of the Crossholy thursday they will be set aside as of no account, or condemned as traitors.  Their Master knows them better than they have known Him; He discerns within their hearts that which is hidden from themselves.  They are weak, vacillating, selfish, unintelligent — and now they have proven cowards also.



But they have believed and have given themselves to Him, and that makes up for everything.  These friends who have tormented Him before His enemies made Him suffer, who have all misunderstood Him more or less, who have fatigued Him with their follies and their demands, who have been a drag upon His footsteps during His apostolic work: these friends — all save one, the traitor — are deep within the Savior’s heart.  For Him their goodwill has always been enough.